Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Bees

Wow where did the last two months go. We have been very busy. Since my last blog we have.

*Went to Dallas for Easter
*Went to Lisa's wedding
*Went to my Mother in Laws wedding
*Went on our Honeymoon (Play del Carmen)
*Went to Averi's Birthday Party
*Went to Blakes's Birthday Party
*Went to the wildlife park

Those are a few of the highlights of the last couple months. Charlotte has gotten so big and is talking alot more. She tells us when she wants to go outside, put on her shoes, tells us "No" a lot and is saying Thank You! Today she was putting on her shoe and we did not know where the other one was. We asked her where it is and she said not clearly but said "I don't know".

She loves to play outside.. and loves her pink soccer ball. We are going to try and go to the pool as much as possible this summer.

Here are the pics of the last month.

Eating ice cream at the Cheese Cake Factory

Daddy's Birthday Party


Pig Tails

Lisa's Wedding

Flower Girl at Grandma's wedding

Honey MOON!!

Blake's Birthday Party

Wild life Park with my Mom's Group

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cute Pic

A couple of weeks ago my Friend Kyla and her fiance came to visit in Houston. She took the best picture of Charlotte at lunch! She had a really good tome at lunch as you can see from the mac and cheese on her dress!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Time Flys

I can't believe it is already the end of March. Charlotte has had a pretty exciting time since she has turned one. We had our first valentines, first zoo trip and have been visiting the play ground on the few sunny days we have had.

She is now fourteen mouths old. And what she does everyday amazes me.. she has quiet the little silly personality. She loves to do silly things to make us and her especially laugh. She loves to hide from me, play in a bubble bath, play and dance to music, and throw her food.

I can't believe it is almost her second Easter.. she will love hunting for eggs this year.

Below are some pics from her and her best-friend Averi's trip to the zoo.

Averi trying to cheer up Charlotte since she is a little scared of animals (she is starting to get over the fears though:))

Averi trying to encourage Charlotte to brush the goat.. not working but nice try:)

Checking out the sea lions.. this was her favorite part of the trip!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Birthday

Charlotte turned 1 on January 12! I can not believe she is one.. Time has flown by!
Here are some fun Charlotte facts
She started officially walking at 11.5 months!! She is definitely on the go now!
She loves to eat everything in sight especially waffles, mac and cheese and chicken nuggets!
She has three teeth and a few more coming in.
She has become such a good sleeper!
She is talking/babbling alot more.. she said car the other day or at least that is what it sounded like!
She is pointing at everything in sight!
She is very curious! She is always exploring.
She loves to look through books!

She had a wonderful Birthday Party! It was lady bug themed! A ton of our friends and family helped us celebrate the joyous occasion! She got so many wonderful gifts! Her favorite is the chair Mason and I gave her.. she loves to sit in it and hang out!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Snuggle Bug! Mama loves you more then anything!

First Christmas!! 2009

Charlotte had a wonderful Christmas! First we opened up gifts here in Sugar Land, then she got to go to Grandmama's and open gifts, then to Grandpa's to open gifts,then to Grandma's and open gifts!! Mason believes she will think Christmas is a three day holiday! She also got to experience a white Christmas for her first Christmas!

Not a big fan of the SNOW! She is a Houstonian after all!

At Grandpa's House

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank Heaven for Lil Girls

Charlotte is very close to turning one. Where did the time go?? She has had a pretty busy life since the last time I blogged. We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving. She had a blast eating turkey, sweet potatoes, and anything else should could get her hands on. She got to spend sometime time with her two cousins. Slate and Colin, they are 21months and 5 months. She loves them and I really wish that we lived closer to them so she could see them more often.

The most exciting thing about Thanksgiving is that Charlotte took her first steps on that day. IT was amazing to see!! She is still not full blown walking yet but she is taking steps all the time now... my little go-getter!!

She has also become way more vocal.. she has said Dada and Mama, Baby, Door and what sounded like Grandma..

She also loves books!!

I am so blessed that she is my daughter. I am mega excited about her First Birthday.. I need to get the invitations out really soon!!

We took Charlotte to get Christmas Pictures and some one year old shoots taken. She did prefect. I loved the place we took her too! Portrait Innovations.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forget Brad and Angie! We are Mr and Mrs. Smith!

So it is official! Mason and I are now husband and wife. It is very exciting. The wedding was awesome. I think everyone had a great time. Charlotte was one of the flower girls. Although she did not walk down the aisle since she can't walk just yet (very close). We got married in Weatherford at the Willow Lake Wedding Gardens on October 17. I could not have asked for better weather. It was beautiful!

We did however, have to postpone our real honeymoon due to a hurricane that was lurking around Cabo and Puerto Vallharta. We plan on going in May. Thank God we got travellers insurance.

We ended up going to Fredricksburg for a little over three days. It was fun and relaxing but I am still looking forward to the real honeymoon later!

Here we are at Lukenbach

On the Wine Tour